About Tamsui

People on the street of Tamsui.

 Tamsui, a cultural district with 400 years of history is located at the estuary at the Tamsui River with the historical name, "Hoba". The name "Tamsui" comes from the fact that the place was originally a river and a vital location for vessels to replenish "fresh water". Therefore, westerner""s historical documents began to use Tamsui as its name and utilized the location as a transit point for East Asia Commerce. Thus, since the 17th century, Tamsui has been an important commercial port in the north and in turn, facilitating the development of the Tamsui District. 


Fort San DomingoTamsui is located northwest of Taipei Basin with Tamsui River flowing around the front, with Guanyin Mountain across the river and Datun Mountain surrounding the back. It encompasses both characteristics from urban cities and river ports, which reveals elegant sceneries, congregation of cultures, historical buildings and monuments, and ancient temples mixed with western style church buildings creating a unique combination of Chinese and Western scene. When the sun sets, the shadows drawn from the river side, sparkling lights and birds soaring all paint a breathtaking and unforgettable view. It is a place to see mangroves growing by the bridge, tidal crabs merrily jump around the beach. Moreover, it is also the place where people leisurely walk by the river, ride bicycles while taking in the panoramic view of all the sights around Tamsui.Art Workshop

For centuries, Tamsui had encountered numerous intense historical events portraying the heart-stirring stories that have been passed down through the ages. Although times have passed, scars of the past have carved deep within the streets and alleyways of Tamsui. The histories of the old intertwines with flourishing modernization, which makes Tamsui both historical yet modern. It still waits patiently for people to discover, decipher and learn from its past.