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Fuyou Temple (The Temple of Blessings)

Fuyou Temple
Fuyou Temple was once known as Ma-tzu Kong to the Tamsui locals. The temple was established in the reign of Emperor Chia Ching (1722-1735). 
The current temple building was built in 1796 as the Ho-Kang Temple (a temple for the public) in the early years of Tamsui. 
FuyouTemple was the center of origin of Tamsui Street. It was built by the townsmen and sea fishermen in the early days of the town. The stone cravings inside the temple were simple but powerful, the wood carving and the statue of Goddess Ma-tzu with her Far-Seeing Eye and Far-Hearing Ears is simply extraordinary.

The inscriptions on the Wang-kao Building Stele offer some insights on the social conditions of early Hu Wei (Tamsui).

Fuyou Temple also honors deities Guan Yin and the Lotus King. According to legend, during the Sino-French War, the Ma-tzu in the temple once showed its power to help the Chinese army. 

The locals reported the incident to Emperor Kuang Hsu, who granted the temple the board of "A Blessing for the Next Day", which is still hanging in the hall as one of the temple"s treasures.

How to get there: 
On Foot: 

1.MRT Danshuei Station -->Jung Jeng Rd. (Old Street) (About 20 minutes)