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District Executive

Tamsui District Chief – Tsai Yeh-Wei

District Executive
.Arthur Tsung-Jen Wu
.Master of Social Sciences, Soochow University 
.Shimen District Director
.Secretary-General, Tamsui Township Office 
. Director, Administration Office, Taipei CountyExam Qualifications
.Passed Senior-Level Promotions Exam


Our Vision 
[Cultural Tamsui, A Healthy City]  
I am honored to be appointed by Mayor Eric Chu back to my second hometown, Tamsui. Tamsui is a city of blended cultures with over 400 years of history, and its people are honest, its scenery breathtaking, and its abundance of clean mountains and water excellent for living.
The District Office exists to serve the public, and all of our fiercely ambitious employees work hard to stay sympathetic to the public as they work to process their documents. This is the only way that everybody can feel that their work is important, and it ensures that everybody sticks to a motto of ‘Get it Done Right!’ allowing them to provide a high quality of service to local residents and meet city government targets.

Tamsui has undergone rapid development under the leadership of the previous town and district directors, and now I must take on this growing responsibility.

I have many friends and colleagues here, and I will be happy and diligent in my work here. I hope that city government groups, the council, the members of Legislative Yuan, all councilors, village leaders, local leaders and neighbors can all work together to continue to push ahead with each new project, each new facility and cultural event, and that we can enhance each of our welfare programs, so that together we can improve the quality of life for residents in our district and make [Cultural Tamsui, A Healthy City] a reality. Let us work together, with one heart, hand-in-hand, to create a better tomorrow for Tamsui!