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Civil Affairs Section Autonomous administration, local administration, election affairs, civil defense, mediation administration, land administration, indigenous administration, advisory body meetings on district administration, physical education, national education, rituals and religions, events and activities, public cemetery and funeral affairs and other civil affairs related matters.
Military Services And Disaster Prevention Section Military service administration, military conscription and duties, civil defense mobilization preparation, disaster prevention and rescue training and preparation, any other matters related to conscription and disaster prevention.
Social Humanities Section Social aid, welfare of elderly, welfare for the disabled, child and youth welfare, welfare of women, community development, national health insurance, population policy and new immigrants, arts promotion and any other social affairs related matters.
Construction Section Relevant construction works, road maintenance, building management, water conservancy, urban planning, civil engineering and architecture, temporary connection of water and electricity, road lamp management, paid advertisement column, road lamp pole lanterns and flags and other construction and building activities.
Economic Affairs Section Industry and commerce, agricultural administration, public utilities, tourism promotion, rivers and environmental conservation, management and maintenance of greens and squares of parks, physical education facility management and maintenance.
Secretariat Documents, files, official seals, general affairs, purchase, cashier, research, development and evaluation, information, legal affairs, manual workers management, district affairs meetings, public relations, office and dormitory maintenance and management and any other matter which does not fall within the scope of other sections and offices.
Personnel Office Personnel management as per the law.
Accounting Office Annual budget, accounting and statistics as per the law.
Civil Service Ethics Office Government ethic and prevention and elimination of corruptions as per the law.

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