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April (March 16 of Lunar Calendar) Pa Chuang Ta-tao-kung (Worshipping the deity Pao-Sheng Emperor)

Pa Chuang Ta-tao-kung

March 15(in Lunar Calendar) is the birthday of Ta-tao-kung, the “Chuang” leader on duty this year.

A solemn ceremony will be held to thank the god Ta-tao-kung and his god warriors for their protection of the town in the past year.

During the ceremony every household will slaughter the big sacrificial pig they specially feed for the occasion and present  the sacrificial pig on a rack. They will also put all kinds of sacrificial offerings for people to see and admire.

Nowadays, the sacrificial pig can weight more than 1000kg, and the sacrificial offerings are also arranged by professionals, making this a spectacular event.

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