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May Festival (May 6 in Lunar Calendar)

May Festival

Cingshuai Temple, or Master Temple, was completed in 1937. However, the deity it honors, the "Lo Bi" (sniveling)Master, has been worshipped by locals since late Ching Dynasty. In legend whenever there was to be any disaster, the Master"s statue would snivel to warn the townsmen. The statue was often on tour for blessing trips to the neighbouring communities. One of the most famous legends about the Ching-Shui Master is his life-saving prediction of an earthquake in late Ching Dynasty. In another legend, Ching-Shui Master showed his power and frightened off the invading French army.
Then, the Ching Emperor Kuang Hsu gave the  master a memorial board

 "Meritorious for Saving Many" in the emperor"s own handwriting. During the era of Japanese rule, local gentry began to call for a temple for the Master. The construction of a temple began in 1932 at the site of the old Prince Hsiao Temple. The Ching-Shui Temple is a soaring building with delicate decorations; it is the masterpiece of craftsmanship of Tamsui. It also holds local artworks such as woodcarvings by master craftsman Huang Kuei-li, ceramics by Chen Tien-chi and stonework by Chang Mu-chen, etc. On May 6 (lunar calendar), the day in honor of the Ching-Shui Master, the temple will be packed with people, just like a carnival in Rio.

the temple will be packed with people