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June, July (Mackay’s Day)

Mackay’s Day

Dr. Mackay"s Day is a special, local cultural and historical holiday in Tamsui, which commemorates the Canadian missionary, Dr. Mackay, for all his life"s contributions to Taiwan.  

Using Tamsui as a missionary base, he tried to link the various Christian churches and schools in the Tamsui area where he had achieved many constructive developments initiated by the Presbyterian Church.


On Dr. Mackay"s Day, the various Christian churches in the Tamsui area will be shown in addition to the many contributions of Dr. Mackay, allowing the local public to get a feeling for the community culture which is put on display.  

Activities will continue to be planned based on ties to the past and various local resources will be combined to present the abundant meanings of Dr. Mackay"s Day in Tamsui.


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