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October (Arts Parade)

Arts Parade

As one of most looking forward highlights of the festival, the arts parade illustrates Tamsui as the harbor city and cruise in Tamsui Old Street with six themes, Five giant arks and one yacht will lead us on the Tamsui adventure!

"The Ark of Prosperity" represents the prosperity of the town; "The Ark of Life " represents the liveness of the nature; "The Ark of Continuity" boards the concepts of recycle, reduce and reuse in its construction;


"The Ark of Love " talks about romantic love and beautiful sunset in Tamsui; "The Ark of Peace" memorizes the distributes the desire for peace from the environmental theatre on the Sino-French War; "The Dream Yacht" carries the creativity and imaginations of young schoolchildren.

This year the parade workshop is a collaborative of local and international artists and Tamsui residents. For two months, they work together from costume making to parade dance choreographing.

With giant puppets, masks and decorated bicycles, Tamsui people dare to sail for adventure, and explore to the sea of fantasy which full of surprises.

people in Arts Parade