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October (The Legend Of Sino-French War In Tamsui)

The Legend Of Sino-French War In Tamsui

The Sino-French War broke out in 1884 with the French sending its troops to attack Taiwan. This War is called "Se-a-huan" or "the Rebellion of Westerners" by Taiwanese. "Se-a" means the French and "Huan" is equivalent to "Rebel" meaning rebellion or war.

"The Legend of Se-a-huan" is a reenactment creation based on the "Battle of Huwei" taking place in Tamsui.


The solidarity of the military and general public at that time helped the Qing Dynasty win its only successful battle.

About the production of "Se-a-huan"
"The Legend of Se-a-huan" is an epic theater production which integrates environment, history, legend and cultural ritual with the joint efforts of the public sector, art groups and local residents.

This theater production not only gives tribute to the ancestors witnessing the history, but it also cherishes local cultural and tradition to reinforce the community"s unity.

Through this production, Tamsui"s unique stories and people"s close identification with it are manifested and the pursuit for peace revealed from wars and battles is presented.