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Artistic Neighborhood-Hobe Mackay Hospital

Mackay Hospital

Mackay Hospital is located at No. 6, Mackey St., Tamsui Distric.
Mackay Hospital was the first westernized hospital in Taiwan. In 1879, Dr. George Mackay was given NT$ 2,500 by a lady called Mackay (not related to Dr. Mackay) for the commemoration of her late husband. Dr. Mackay later used these funds to build this hospital, which was completed in September 14 of the same year and was named "Hobe (old name for Tamsui) Mackay Hospital". Previously, Dr. Mackay had practiced medicine at the same address using a room he had rented to establish a clinic called "Hobe Hospital." A Canadian, Dr. J.B. Fraser, was sent to this hospital and served here for two years. In 1877, this hospital enjoyed brief global celebrity for the discovery of the first case of "lung fluke" in the world. With the addition of Mrs. Mackay"s funds the new building was constructed, designed by Dr. Mackay. The building had a style like Southern Min residences but it was donned with western doors and windows, creating an interesting contrast. It is hard to tell from the modest appearance of the building that this place was once the origin of modern medical science in Taiwan. However, the fact is that Mackay Hospital was a highly qualified hospital which kept patient history files, and it issued medical reports. Patients were classified by black and white wood tokens for first visit and revisit respectively. There were even education seminars on sanitation, health care and exercise.

After Dr. Mackay passed away, his successors moved the hospital to a newly built modernized building in Taipei in 1912, which is where the Mackay Memorial Hospital is now. In the 80 years since, the old building has also been renovated several times, but the main structure is still kept unchanged. The building is currently under the management of the Tamsui Church.