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Tamsui Presbyterian Church

Tamsui Presbyterian Church DoorwayThis chapel was built for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Dr. Mackay"s coming to Taiwan and was rebuilt in 1932. The construction was completed on November 28, 1933 and the chapel was opened for use. 

This mock-Gothic chapel was built by famous western construction builder Huang A-shu (known to the locals as Master Shu). The Tamsui Chapel has changed little since it was built 60 years ago. The building was renovated in 1986. The broken stained glasses were replaced, especially for patterns of the five windows at the front and at the bell tower, which add to this beautiful chapel an Tamsui Presbyterian Church Cornerelegant delicacy. 


The chapel still holds the biggest congregation in Tamsui, with more than 300 devotees worshipping here every Sunday.