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Artistic Neighborhood-Landing spot of Dr. Mackay


Dr. Mackay Statuewharf relic

Tamsui was known in the past as Hu-wei. It has been a good port in northern Taiwan since the ancient times. When the Ching Dynasty opened the port to foreign traders, it was propelled to the status of the biggest international port in Taiwan. The location of the current Tamsui Post Office is not only the birthplace of the Taiwanese postal service, it was also a busy harbor packed with ships and people from all over the world.


On3:00 p.m., March 9, 1872, Canadian missionary Rev. George Leslie Mackay landed in Taiwan at this spot from the ferry Sea Dragon, and since then he based his missionary, medicine and educational work in Tamsui as well as chose this place as his home. He was married here, fathered children here and was buried here. His life has great impact on this place and has helped to create the unique history and culture of Tamsui. 


Time has changed, and Tamsui is no longer the prosperous trade port it once was. The wharf relic is hardly recognizable, only this plaque is left to tell the story of the past for visitor to imagine the history of this place.