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Chen Ching-hui

 At the corner of Tamkang Middle School, under the tree shades of the Mackay family cemetery lie Mr. Chen Ching-hui and his wife Nakamura Endo beside him. People knew Chen Ching-hui as painter who lived in Japan, what some people may not know is that he is also Rev. Mackay"s grandson.

Chen Ching-hui was born on April 25, 1910, he was originally the son of missionary Kuo Shui-long. Since his uncle on his mother"s side, Rev. Chen Ching-yi, did not have any children in his 12 years of marriage with Rev. Mackay"s oldest daughter, Chen Ching-hui was adopted by Chen Ching-yi when he was an infant. In his childhood he followed Rev. Chen to Japan and stayed in Kyoto until he finished his study. It was said that Rev. Chen Ching-yi had hope that his son might profess in medicine or social service. Yet Chen Ching-hui chose art as his life"s work. Nevertheless Chen Ching-hui still devoted himself to the church like his grandfather did. Therefore after graduating in 1932, Chen returned to teach in Tamsun Female College and Tamsun Middle School founded by the church until he died in 1968.

Mr. Chen Ching-hui was a person with temperate character and extreme artistic characteristics. Mr. Chen devoted the later half of his life to art education. He taught patiently whether the students were talented or not. Outside the classroom, he still loved to train students who liked to paint. He often took students to the riverside, the fisherman"s port and the area near the school. He even took his students to Bali to paint and held exhibitions for them. Mr. Chen not only received no money from these exhibitions, he even paid for the materials with his own money. His greatest achievement in education is not art, but his charity.

Chen Ching-hui was not good in managing money, as he was also a generous person. Every time when he received his salary, he had to first pay his debt, leaving him not much money afterwards. On June 16, 1968, Mr. Chen died in Taipei Mackay Memorial Hospital due to pneumonia. He was 58.