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Tu Tsung-ming

Tu Tsung-ming photo


In 1922, only 27 years into the Japanese rule of Taiwan, Tamsun local Tu Tsung-ming passed the dissertation review of the Kyoto Imperial University and became the first doctorate graduate in Taiwan. At the time, due to its colonial status, Taiwan suffered from unfair treatment in education. Mr. Tu"s achievement not only brought joy to the Taiwanese people, but also greatly increased the esteem and self confidence of the Taiwanese people.

Tu Tsung-ming was born into a farming family in Bailiujia, Tamsun in 1893. He began his education at the age of 9, at 11 he was admitted to Hu-wei Public School and boarded in the school at Huyungchi St. At 17 he graduated as the top student. In the same year he was admitted with the best score into the best school in Taiwan, the Taiwan Governor-General Office Medical School, in which he still maintained his top of the class performance. In 1914, he again graduated as top of the class. However, Mr Tu was not only a person who could only study well and take care of himself. While studying medicine, he also devoted himself to the revolution enterprise. He went to Beijing himself and attempted to assassinate dictator-turned-emperor Yuan Shi-kai. Since 1921, he taught in Taipei Medical Special College. He was always a responsible teacher. In 1937, he was hired as the professor in Taipei Imperial University Medical School. After WWII he was hired as the dean of Medical School of National Taiwan University. In 1954 he founded the Kaohsiung Medical School. Mr. Tu devoted his life to education and training of new talents. His contribution to Taipei medical science was indeed great.

Dr. Tu had always been a smart, diligent person who loved to learn. From a farm boy to the top of Japanese academia and later an important person in Taiwan medicine, Mr. Tu"s achievements are extraordinary; even more important is that he gave back what he learnt to the Taiwanese society. Mr Tu is indeed an example for Taiwanese intellectuals and to Tamsun"s teenagers.