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Chen Sizhi

 Chen Sizhi was born in Shilin, Taipei in 1911 and died in 1992. He was an outstanding music educator, all his life, cause and contribution dedicated to Tamsui.

After graduating form elementary school, he went to Tamsui middle school in 1923 and learned playing the piano from Margaret A. Gauld. In 1926, he joined School Glee Club and went to Japan and Korea to give performances. In 1930, he attended Taipei Seminary and learned playing the piano from Ms Isabel Taylor. In 1934, he entered Tokyo Union Theological Seminary in Japan, learning music composition from Mokuoko Eijiro at Ueno University. He also joined "Native Soil Visiting Mission of Music" comprised of Taiwanese students studying in Japan, doing concerts around Taiwan.

He graduated from the seminary in 1936, and his graduation composition was the oratorio "Lamb of God".

After returning to Taiwan, Chen Sizhi served as a preacher and wrote music at leisure. In 1938 he completed the piano music "Fantasia—Tamsui". In 1947 he was employed as a music teacher at Chunde Girl"s School and founded music department. In 1949 he took the post of principal of Chunde Girl"s School. In 1955 he served as principal of Danjiang Middle School, actively pushing forward the artistic education of fine arts, music etc. During his term in office as principal, many students had been trained to be painters and musicians highly commended. Chen Sizhi had composed twenty-odd works throughout his life, including ten choruses, nine pieces of piano music, one piece of vocal music, one piece of chamber music. Religion was the main impetus for his music, in which the air of his piousness and dedication pervades.

(main reference: Zhuo Fujian, Taiwanese Music Philosopher: Chen Sizhi. Taipei: Wuangchunfan Culture Co., 2001)