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Cai Kunhuang

 Cai Kunhuang was born in 1922 in Ershi Township, Zhanghua County and died in 1994. He studied at Shilin Tropical Medicine Institute during the times of war. Then, he had been sent to work at the quarantine station in Tamsui Harbor, the quarantine station in Keelung Xiandong Customs, Tamsui Maternal and Infant Health Care Clinic (to be confirmed), and finally he settled in Tamsui. In 1947 he was chosen to receive training and passed the validation examination for doctors" licenses and completed the course of public health administration at National Taiwan University. Then he was immediately appointed chief and doctor in charge of the Tamsui Township Clinic, where he had worked for 25 years and formally retired in 1973. The older generation of folks in Tamsui township called him "public health Cai".

Doctor Cai was enthusiastic about public good and cared for local culture and education. He had been the president of Parents Committee of Tamsui Elementary School for more than ten years. Encouraged by Hong Bingnan, the principal of Tamsui Elementary School, and Dr. Du Congming, he established Parents Committee Scholarship, the name of which was changed to Parents Committee Adviser Scholarship when he was no longer the president. He rushed about and collected funds to set up "Tamsui Junior High School Scholarship for Poor Students in August, 1969. Scholarships have been granted to qualified students every year until now. Dr. Cai had catholic tastes, who liked playing baseball, hunting birds, stamp collecting, and growing orchid. He was the founder of Tamsui Guoxiang Association and had been an executive director of Chinese Taipei Native Orchid Association, receiving General He Yingqin and General Zhang Xueliang at home to admire the beauty of orchid many times.

Dr. Cai went in for photography, but he could only take opportunities of visiting patients living on mountains to photograph the beautiful scenes of terraced fields, busy farming season, egrets, ducks etc. He also prepared and organized "Huwei Institute of Photography" and served as the first, second, and third president of the institute, organizing photographing activities and contests. He had been the executive director and secretary-general of Taiwan Province Photography Institute, the president of season contest held by China Photography Institute, the president of The Eleventh Provincial Photo Exhibition, director of China Photography Institute, president of the Fifteenth International Photo Exhibition, R.O.C., preparing and organizing The First F.P.S.C. Photo Exhibition. He was also entrusted with a mission to reorganize Taiwan.

Provincial Photography Institute. During his term in office the number of members of the institute had been increased to around a thousand, the activities carried out in northern, middle, and southern Taiwan. Former president Yian Jiagan, former vice president Xie Dongmin, former minister of education Jiang Yianshi, former provincial chairman Qiu Chuanghuan, and vice president Li Denghui then had attended relevant activities.

Dr. Cai participated in the sixth annual meeting of Association of Asian Photographic Art held in India in 1977 and took pictures of the people and the place in India, Nepal, and at the foot of the Himalayas. Those pictures had been exhibited as "Scenes in Nepal and India" at Taipei Zhongshan Hall, President Department Store in Kaohsiung, and in Tamsui areas, creating a great sensation.

Dr. Cai had won the titles of Hon. F.P.S.C., F.P.S.Tw, F.P.S.T., and F.P.S.NY. Lang Ching-Shan, a great master of photography, thought highly of him. They became the best of friends in spite of the difference of age.