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Mangrove Movie


The mangrove is a pioneer plant in a reclaimed estuarial land.

It is adaptable to high salt levels, tidal waves, sea winds and fine beach sands.

It has a shallow but extensive root system, and it also possesses air roots and supporting roots to help it grow.

Its leaves are covered with wax, cutin and a thick layer of mesophyll, all of which prevent over-evaporation. 

The pen-like sapling also has the characteristics of viviparous seedlings;they will fall into the mud and grow when mature.

In addition to mangroves, there are also other swamp plants such as: Cyperus malaccensis, reed, cogon, etc. An eco-conservation area has currently been planned where visitors can also find all sorts of fiddler crabs, water birds and mudskippers.

They are accompanied every winter by the visiting migratory birds, such as: teals, shovelers and heron, etc.